Racist Fired Officer Dominick Izzo showing his true profiling colors

Racist Fired Police Officer Dominick Izzo showing his true profiling colors.

Frauds and charlatans have always existed in the world of martial arts.

In the largely untested and low-pressure, non-sparring training environment of traditional martial arts, especially in Chinese Martial Arts such as Wing Chun, frauds have been a growing concern among martial arts enthusiasts.

Thanks to Bruce Lee's influence in spreading the Chinese Kung Fu martial art of Wing Chun since the 1970s, reports of so-called “masters” claiming to have knowledge and experience in the art of Wing Chun have popped up all over the world almost year after year.

Unfortunately, these claims of "mastery" are often false and the people making them are deceiving their students out of thousands of dollars.

The deception usually starts when someone looking to learn Wing Chun finds an instructor who claims to be proficient in the art but does not possess any formal training, certifications from recognized organizations, or a clear lineage.

Dominick Izzo Wing Chun Fraud

Further muddling the community is when these so-called masters fail to provide any video proof of their applicable knowledge in a non-compliant, live pressure environment such as in a competition or in a hard sparring match.

These frauds will usually fabricate or outright lie about their martial arts experience, their training, and even create an entire fake persona just to gain students, followers, and subscribers to their social media channels.

This individual will then proclaim themselves as a master, teach their own version of Wing Chun, and charge students high fees for lessons.

Some of these Wing Chun teachers are so shameless in their marketing and self-promotion that they become cult leaders in their communities, constantly bullying and censoring those who oppose them, and preying on the weak and unaware.

One of the worst examples of a fraudulent and dishonourable martial arts "teacher" is a former disgraced and fired cop turned YouTuber and cult leader by the name of Dominick Izzo Wing Chun who rants about all kinds of alt-right / far right politics just to rile people up for YouTube clicks / views.

Martial Arts Frauds: Dominick Izzo Wing Chun

Dominick Izzo Wing Chun Kung Fu Fraud Fake Martial Arts

Dominick Izzo first came into prominence by making videos talking crap and hating on the legendary late martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

Criticizing someone's martial arts is one thing, but he goes on to rant so much about Bruce Lee that it just starts coming off as piggybacking, attention seeking behaviour. Not to mention, he rants so often about his hate-boner for Bruce Lee that it starts to sound like hate speech and discrimination, similar to Quentin Tarantino's hate obsession with Bruce Lee, as evidenced in his film "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood".

Quentin Tarantino on Bruce Lee

Quentin Tarantino's hate obsession with Bruce Lee was so strong, that he dedicated an entire scene in his movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood to show Bruce Lee (played by actor Mike Moh) being thrown around like a rag doll by his fictional protagonist Cliff Booth (played by Brad Pitt).

If you have to criticize and disrespect a legend, you're just trying to ride off of their success by being an attention-seeking, "edgy" controversial figure just for the sake of disagreeing with the mainstream.

Terry Crews Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Bruce Lee

Terry Crews understood what was happening: "Once upon a time... in HOLLYWOOD... ...pot smoking white boys dreamed of kicking Bruce Lee’s ass... ... so they wrote it, performed it and filmed it like it actually happened...! But Bruce... we love you and know the truth - God bless your soul."

It becomes even more ridiculous when you realize that Dominick Izzo practices the same martial art that Bruce Lee made famous, Wing Chun. Without Bruce Lee and Wing Chun, Dominick Izzo wouldn't even exist.

How ironically pathetic.

anti chinese white supremacist who practices chinese martial art wing chun but looks down on wing chun at the same time

Dominick Izzo has been described on Reddit as an "Anti-Chinese White Supremacist who practices a Chinese Martial Art in Wing Chun but looks down on Wing Chun at the same time".

How Bad Is Dominick Izzo as a Wing Chun Teacher?

An anonymous testimonial of one of Dominick Izzo's Wing Chun classes can be found on Reddit:

Dominick Izzo Wing Chun Reddit Class Review

I did Wing Chun with the infamous Dominick Izzo. I'd like to note that I am open minded and have tried a few WC and JKD places before finding a good one.

So he started every class by ranting about how he hated Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was a brat, Bruce Lee quit Wing Chun because he couldn't handle it, etc. He then explained that JKD doesn't work, and pure Wing Chun is a complete system for any fight. He followed this up by explaining that his WC was a combination of WC and Wrestling. I thought this was odd because that is exactly Bruce Lee's philosophy, making his WC not pure, and more like JKD. I tried to be open minded and gave him a chance.

Then things got cult-like. Izzo started class late, due to his 20-30 min rants about Bruce Lee. This alone was baffling. I paid for a WC class, not a lecture about how stupid Bruce Lee is. It was odd how every student was totally cool with this. Then he ended class early to film commercials for these magic berry pills. So a 2 hour class was really 1 hour long. He claimed these berry pills made him bench 450lbs.

Again, his students were all totally fine with this, and I began to wonder if I was crazy. Then, all of his students bought a $200 box of berry pills after class. I was the only one who didn't, as I am aware that real berries cost far less than $200 per month.

During one class, Izzo and a student/brainwashed victim explained that the real secret to punching with power is not in the legs/hips, but in the manipulation of "force meridians".

They showed me that by placing your hands in a certain position you can channel the force into your punches! The student then hit a wall bag with very little force to show me his secret power. I hit the bag with basic boxing mechanics and clearly hit about 3x harder than him. He told me I was doing it wrong.

I left the gym shortly afterwards.

I have many more complaints about that WC cult, but they are simple, like they never ever spar there. Or the fact that he admitted to steroid use, which is illegal and he is a cop.

The real weirdness was the cult atmosphere, 30 minute lectures on Bruce Lee, pyramid scheme berry pills, and the mindless following of everything without question by his students, and of course, magic force meridians unlocking secret power that no one could demonstrate, but everyone believed in.

Dominick Izzo's Fake Cop Persona, Misogyny, Racism Are Exposed

Normally, these frauds are a dime a dozen and do not deserve any special mentioning.

However, Dominick Izzo is one of those rare cult leader/bullies where his hate speech and rants against people he doesn't like has cultivated a passionate following of equally morally corrupt people who agree with his problematic politics and views on women - as showcased in his misogynistic and racial rants on social media and YouTube.

He tries to cater to the far right, alt right, conspiracy theory, Republican / American crowd, and his marketing schtick has swayed no small amount of simple minded people (victims) into believing his lies and fabricated persona.

Normally we wouldn't pay attention and give any time to such a toxic individual, until Dominick Izzo decided to aim his rants at us and tag our Dynasty social media channels in an attempt to smear us.

We couldn't sit back and watch this injustice unfold. As members of the martial arts community, we had to take a stand and write this blog post for the internet world to see and document the truth.

A Fake News Story For Attention

Dominick Izzo Anti Women Female Misogyny

Dominick Izzo first fabricated a fake news story / publicity stunt about how he is "against women's violence" - ironic, given all of his anti-female rhetoric posted online - stating how a member of the Kung Fu community, in this case, Hoi Wah Ho of Dynasty, threatened a woman with violence inside the Facebook group Kung Fu for Combat.

Izzo had first instigated a fight with his YouTube videos with Phillip Redmond prior to this new "antic", and was subsequently banned by the group admins for not following up on a challenge issued by Philip Redmond.


CJ SP on Dominick Izzo

"It's sad some dude who got booted from our private community still has hurt feelings after months... hurt enough to try and fabricate a story about violence against women where no violence occurred. Such a dirty cop thing to do."

Unable to spew his dogmatic rhetoric in the Kung Fu For Combat group, he then tries fabricating a fake news story for social media attention and clout in an attempt to "cancel" the members of Kung Fu For Combat and gain more YouTube views / followers for himself.

A community member, Dan Seymore sees through this lame attempt at clout chasing with this comment: "Fake news - she's a troll who harassed [Hoi Wah Ho] for weeks and challenged multiple people to fights and terrorizes them online".

Fake News Dominick Izzo

"You're despicable for trying to blow this up into domestic violence. No wonder you're a disgraced FIRED not RETIRED police officer".

Well done, Dan Seymore.

It's quite obvious to us that the fake, disgraced, disgruntled, fired police officer Dominick Izzo was pissed off because he wasn't able to join the Kung Fu For Combat Facebook group to further spread his religious cult.

He fabricated a story to start a rivalry with Dynasty in order to make himself more relevant to the current generation of combat sports / MMA communities, as he is an aging, irrelevant fraud well past his athletic prime who cannot spar or fight and is headed soon to a retirement home.

In all honesty he chose the wrong enemy and came up with a poorly formulated story, and thought he could get away with it unscathed.

Sorry folks, we at Dynasty just won't let bullies get away with something like that.

The other irrelevant troll woman he references in his fake news story goes by the name of Jenny Domingues, who is a certified "nut job" in the Kung Fu community.

She starts online fights with every member in the Kung Fu community and terrorizes everyone, despite having absolutely garbage level martial arts skills.

Wing Chun Jenny Dominigues Threats

More users chime in on the allegations of "violence towards women": "Fake news. That lady was harassing him for weeks and challenged him and multiple people to fights. Biggest online troll. Now this loser is trying to make it look like domestic violence when he wasn't even serious. There's two sides to every story."

Fake News

Another community member, Benny Hayes chimes in by calling Dominick Izzo's little clout-chasing song and dance act as disingenuous: "Isn't that lady supposed to be a so called master of Ving Tsun. If she is any good then why is it a problem? What happened to equal rights? If you say you can fight which I have seen this lady say. Izzo do you mean disgraced and fired former police officer, weren't you kicked out? Maybe not the best thing to use as an example of being morally superior. He [Hoi Wah Ho] is just a bloke that likes Ving Tsun but hates all the posers that say they can fight but don't."

Benny Hayes
"If you say violence is any hitting of women then you would be a hypocrite. Have you trained women, I have, they get hit just like anyone else. I train BJJ with women and they get tapped like everyone else. The whole point of martial arts training for women is they are supposed to be able to use it. If you say you can use Ving Tsun what does it matter if it is a women or if they identify as a carrot. I did security for 12 years so I know as a police man you would have arrested women and got physical. I agree that if you are a person that says they are a master, openly challenges people to fight and then hides, or anyone that says they teach fighting. You should either shut up or put up. Equal rights means you don't get to hid behind your sexualizing identity. Again maybe as someone who got kicked out from being a cop, don't use the fact you were a cop as some sort of moral code."


Great point, Benny Hayes.

If Jenny Domingues fancies herself a martial arts master / teacher, clearly she should accept a fair fight against the people she challenges, no?

Much like Dominick Izzo, Jenny Domingues goes around trolling, threatening, and challenging people to fights including other members of the Kung Fu community including Philip Redmond, David Blackley, and Alan Orr.

Hoi Wah Ho Jenny Dominigues Threats

Philip Redmond Jerry Devone Jenny Dominigues Troll

David Blackley Jenny Dominigues Troll

Alan Orr Jenny Dominigues Troll

Hoi Wah Ho was the only one who previously responded to Jenny Domingues' constant delusional threats, harassment, online attacks, and challenges by stating he would gladly fight her.

Alan Orr Jenny is a joke

Alan Orr Jenny Dominigues

Even old school Kung Fu teachers like David Blackley and Alan Orr have spoken up against Jenny Dominigues' trolling and thinks Dominick Izzo's fabricated story makes no sense.

Of course, she continues to terrorize others online as a troll and hide behind her gender and won't accept a match.

We won't further waste our time on covering this fake news story, but understanding the context of the fake stunt pulled by Izzo was important in order to understand the entire fabricated persona of Dominick Izzo.

A Certified Fraud

Dominick Izzo's entire "tough guy former cop" persona online was revealed to be fake, as evidenced here by martial arts community member Nathan Calvert:

Dominick Izzo fired police officer

"So I don't post often but I want to get back to posting at some point, but I've been hearing this guys name on law enforcement groups for years and now here too.

Izzo was a part time cop for a small town in Illinois. It's worth noting that small town has ridiculously low crime yet he claims all this experience in his career.

It is my understanding he was fired in disgrace after it was discovered he was sending pictures of a dead body at a crime scene to non law enforcement friends. So your right kinda, he was a cop that got fired cause he was trying to be a videographer.

He's tried to stay relevant in law enforcement by running for Sheriff in the Chicago area and taking every publicity stunt he can but by and large he's a joke in the law enforcement community."

Here's another piece of evidence found from an online discussion forum:


Fake Cop Fired Disgraced Police Officer Dominick Izzo

"Just read the entire piece and the names finally clicked. This "chief" who is writing the article was partners at one point with the other officer mentioned belittling rookies. The other person mentioned is Dominick Izzo. Izzo pretty much regurgitates movie quotes and B/S he learned across the way.

Funny story about Izzo is the guy passed out when he was in FTO stage when a huge melee broke out in front of him. Izzo has never been the real police ever.

He used to film YouTube videos as a part time cop in Round Lake Park. Him and Filenko the author of the article were inseparable. They used to polish each other's knobs on a regular basis until they had a falling out. The Chief (Filenko) was also never the police period, and was appointed chief because his buddy was the mayor.

So the fact Izzo is spouting about rookies being too young and naming Round Lake Park in his rant is no coincidence."

Starting Feuds For Attention / YouTube Money and Backing Out Of Challenges From The Elderly

dominick izzo vs philip redmond banned from kung fu for combat

Dominick Izzo, revealed to be fired from the police force as a videographer for sending pictures of dead bodies to his friends, understandably had probably lost his pension.

He then turns to YouTube, creates a fake persona about being a "retired" police officer (when he was really fired), and starts talking crap about everyone's martial arts as his modus operandi.

He lives off of his YouTube revenue, so the more talking he can do to create controversy and feuds, the better.

sifu philip redmond challenge

As mentioned earlier, he started a feud with one of the OG's of the game, Phillip Redmond, but once his trash talk was answered with a challenge, he laughed and ran.

This is the behaviour of a true coward who only says things and fabricates stories for YouTube views and revenue.

If you're a fan of Izzo, then you're just as morally corrupt or simply a low-IQ sheep. Either way, him and his followers are truly and utterly sad.

How To Deal With Cult Leader Frauds?

Dominick Izzo short

Dominick Izzo, a classic case of "small man's complex". His fabricated story, in an attempt at clout chasing into staying relevant in martial arts, falls pretty "short".

To summarize, toxic cult leaders and martial arts frauds are very dangerous to the martial arts community.

Dominick Izzo ticks off all the right boxes to be a divisive cult leader in the martial arts community:

  1. Fabricates a larger than life online persona
  2. Makes loud mouth rants and clout chases for attention
  3. Pretends to be an "expert" in the space but shows no evidence of ones' own skills
  4. Shuts down anyone who might know better by "canceling" them with his gained following / social channels
  5. Plays off any criticisms against him by saying his distractors simply don't agree with his "politics" or divisive "opinions", when really he is just a garbage human being with very low morals
  6. Runs away from any physical challenges or fights

Giving these frauds attention and YouTube clicks is just what they want, as they will fabricate any angle and follow up just to get you sucked into their clickbait rhetoric.

We advise to block their social media channels and just ignore at all their attempts to contact you, especially unwanted contact from their cult members who actively promote and regurgitate their lies and dogma.

The only reason we here at Dynasty got involved with these insignificant, out of shape, old frauds in the first place was because we felt it was our responsibility to stand up as martial artists, expose these frauds for justice for the Kung Fu / martial arts community, and to raise awareness for the unaware people out there who didn't know the true ugly colours of these cult leaders.

Meanwhile the likes of Dominick Izzo aren't "exposing" anyone to any kind of injustice, they're literally taking screenshots of people's conversations and fabricating cute little television dramas out of it for views.

If you buy into these kinds of clickbait YouTube content, we feel sorry for you.

Don't Let Evil Prevail

Kung Fu has long fallen off as being a martial art that cultivates pride and respect. It is specifically due to the evil men who use the martial arts to dominate the less knowledgeable and less skilled. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

If we left these frauds alone, they would only keep harming others and brainwashing the weak into their cults.

But we at Dynasty will continue to fight the good fight and call these frauds out when we see them.

Especially 0-0 fight record frauds with no evidence of their sparring rounds or live fights who run away from fights.

Always do your own research. Don't just trust, but verify.

- Dynasty Team

December 26, 2022 — Dynasty Team


Ted Timson said:

“Especially 0-0 fight record frauds with no evidence of their sparring rounds or live fights who run away from fights.”

So now all martial artists are frauds if they are not doing live fights or avoid fights?

Would you also call the military for fake soldiers when they chose to take out the enemy from a safe distance with advanced weapons and tactics?

It is called martial arts and not gladiator style. Rolling with my eyes and laughing loud about this last ending.

There might be frauds out there but Aikido and many, many other styles that avoid real fights are not one of them.

Mike said:

Interesting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

If you have time, do a write up on Freddie Lee who is based in Chicago

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