Legendary Spirit Grappling Spats (Tiger Black)

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Legendary Spirit Grappling Spats (Tiger Black).

Without Bruce Lee, none of us would have started our martial arts journeys.

Inspired by the one and only grandmaster, the original mixed martial artist, and dubbed "The Father of Mixed Martial Arts" by UFC President Dana White, his philosophy and charisma have gone on to inspire millions for decades to come.

Carry on his legendary spirit with this Game of Death-inspired Grappling Spats for No-Gi grappling, BJJ, or MMA training.

The Legendary Spirit Grappling Spats (Tiger Black Edition) is made of new materials and features a new Tiger-inspired inverted black colour.

The colour of this garment is Tiger Orange, and may show up as a different colour depending on your monitor or screen.

Grappling Spats features a regular fit and is non-see-through. If you prefer a tight, compressed fit, order one size smaller.

* Reinforced flat stitching
* Sublimated art will never fade
* Chinese characters read: "Using No Way As Way, Using No Limitation As Limitation."