Raging Demon Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi


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Raging Demon Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi.

The return of the original Raging Demon Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi.

Street Fighter. Akuma. Gouki.

Now available in Black, White, or original Navy. The kimono that put Dynasty on the map and started it all. Back for a limited time only, while quantities last.

A truly one-of-a-kind release only from Dynasty.

* Navy, Black, or White with Red contrast stitching / embroidery / details
* Comes with drawstring bag

* 350gsm lightweight Pearl Weave fabric jacket
* Rubber foam collar
* Tailored cut & fit

* 10oz ripstop cotton pants
* Heavy duty rope tie w/ 4x loopholes
* Reinforced stitch crotch
* Tailored cut & fit

* Oversized chest embroidery 一瞬千撃 "A Thousand Hits in an Instant"
* 禊 "Misogi" (Purification) on the leg
* Oversized 天 "Ten" (Heaven / Sky) on back

Please check our FAQs, size chart, and care instructions before purchasing. Model is 5'8 150lbs. wearing size A2.