Scholar Warrior MMA Fight Shorts (Black)


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Scholar Warrior MMA Fight Shorts (Black).

Dynasty is back with an updated version of our most loved MMA / No Gi grappling fight shorts.

With the same ultra slim-cut style as our "Martial Artist" shorts (inspired by former UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz) - the Scholar Warrior Fight Shorts are super lightweight and gives you complete freedom of movement in grappling, BJJ or MMA.

Includes an updated velcro design that wraps around the waist and doesn't cut into your stomach or Rash Guard.

Wén 文 and Wǔ 武 - a conceptual pair in Chinese philosophy describing complementarity of civility and might.

The Kung Fu gesture embodies the meaning of Wen and Wu: The left hand (in the shape of an open hand palm), represents civility, wisdom, courtesy, and modesty. The left hand covers the right hand (in the shape of a fist), represents martial / military might, force, violence, power.

To have both is to achieve the status of a Scholar Warrior - a true noble leader.

Note: Definitely meant to be worn with something underneath unless you want to get disqualified.

* Scholar Warrior logo
* Dynasty logos on front and back
* Sublimated art will never fade
* 4-way stretch polyester
* Internal drawstrings
* Super lightweight
* Ultra slim cut
* Pant length: 12-13 inches