Dynasty Kuro Obi (KO #1) 14oz 3/4 Karate Gi

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Dynasty introduces our first-ever Karate Gi, the Kuro Obi (Black Belt) (KO #1) - celebrating the power of Karate (The Way of The Empty Hand).

One of the most widely practiced martial arts styles in the world, Japanese Karate originated on the island of Okinawa, with roots in the Ryukyuan indigenous peoples martial arts, and also Fujian White Crane Chinese Kung Fu. Karate was originally named "The Chinese Hand" before it was changed to "The Empty Hand" to separate itself from its Chinese origins.

We didn't just make a Karate Gi, we revitalized a classic old school training uniform with a modern cut and fit.

Made with 14oz mid-weight cotton, the KO#1 is strong enough for everyday training, but light and breathable for training in even the hottest, most humid summer conditions.

With shortened 3/4 length cut off sleeves and cut off pants and a sleek modernized cut, you can train and look your best in the feel of a classic Karate Gi without sacrificing comfort, mobility, speed, and "snapping" power.

You can even wear your favourite Karate Gloves, Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, and / or Shin Guards and practice full-contact, MMA-style strikes and grappling with no issues.

Can be worn training any Karate style - Shotokan, Goju-Ryu, Kyokushin, etc. or Kudo, or even go classic PRIDE-style, wear it for MMA training!

* White with minimal design

* 14oz mid-weight fabric jacket
* 3/4 cut off short sleeves

* 14oz cotton pants with drawstrings
* 3/4 cut off pants length

* Dynasty Brush Logo
* Dynasty Emblem Logo

Model is 150lbs., 5'10", wearing a size 2 (160cm). Select your normal size. Please check our FAQs, size chart, and care instructions before purchasing.