Shaolin Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi


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Shaolin Hanfu BJJ Gi.

The old and the new are united once again in Dynasty's Shaolin Hanfu 少林 (kasaya Buddhist robes) BJJ Gi inspired by the Shaolin Monks, bringing them back to the spotlight in the modern era of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Own a piece of martial arts history with this exclusive release only from Dynasty!

For thousands of years, Chinese people have practiced Kung Fu 功夫, and the ones most famous for their dedication to hardcore training are none other than the legendary Shaolin Monks of the Shaolin Temple 少林寺.

Before the rest of the world knew about Asian martial arts - the Shaolin Monks were practicing hundreds, perhaps even thousands of styles of "Kung Fu" that included kicking (ti 踢), striking (da 打), throwing (shuai 摔), and grappling (na 拿) styles - the "four families" of Chinese Kung Fu.

Predating all Asian martial arts styles by centuries (such as Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and of course Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Shaolin Kung Fu represents the origin of all martial arts styles and techniques - where it began thousands of years ago. To practice martial arts then, would mean to practice "Kung Fu"!

* Grey with Orange contrast stitching / embroidery / details
* Comes with drawstring bag

* 350gsm lightweight Pearl Weave fabric jacket
* Inner cool mesh shoulder lining with sublimated artwork
* Rubber foam collar
* Tailored cut & fit
* Dynasty "Classical Painting" inner taping

* 10oz rip stop cotton pants
* Heavy duty rope tie w/ 4x "Classical Painting" loop holes
* Reinforced stitch crotch
* Tailored cut & fit
* Dynasty "Classical Painting" inner taping

* Dynasty shoulder / back logo
* 9 dot burns symbolizes a true Shaolin Monk
* Embroidered art
* Zen / Chan Buddhism 禪

Please check our FAQs, size chart, and care instructions before purchasing. Model is 5'6 125lbs. wearing size A0.