Neo Brawler Guardians Embroidered Kung Fu Jacket


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Neo Dynasty Collection

  • Neo Brawler Guardians Embroidered Jacket, Vintage Streetwear Style with Traditional Chinese Style Frog Buttons.
  • 三光垂耀: 日,月,星,三光,都照耀着你! "Blessed by the Sun, Moon, and Star - The Gods Shine On You!"
  • 黑白無常 The Heibai Wuchang, or Hak Bak Mo Seong, literally "Black and White Impermanence", are two Deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the underworld. They are worshiped as fortune deities and depending on the person it encounters, the Wuchang Gui can appear as either a fortune deity who rewards the person for doing good deeds or a malevolent deity who punishes the person for committing evil.
  • Polyester, Cotton.
  • Imported.