Dynasty Pro Face Saver Headgear


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This item is currently available for pre-order with an estimated shipping time of early December 2022, before the Holiday Season.

The final product may differ slightly from the current photos.

Dynasty's brand new Pro Face Saver / Nose Bar Headgear for heavy striking and sparring use. Great for professionals who require hard sparring rounds during training camp or amateur/recreational boxers looking for face protection.

Using a brand new design, ultralight weight construction, genuine cowhide leather, and inner suede leather lining to wick moisture / sweat - the Dynasty Pro Face Saver Headgear helps protect the user from unwanted impact to the orbital bone, face, and nose, and prevents cuts and skin abrasions during sparring.

A must-have for professional boxers and combat sports athletes looking to save their face / nose from harmful impact.

* Face Saver / Nose Bar design saves your face and nose from any unwanted impact
* Prevents cuts, head butts, and abrasions
* Genuine cowhide leather in White
* Logos, trim, stitching, and details in Red
* Drawstring tie with adjustable head velcro strap
* Buckle fastener chinstrap provides a solid fit that won't move during sparring