Dynasty Ultralight Pro MMA Headgear


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This item is currently available for pre-order with an estimated shipping time of early December 2022, before the Holiday Season.

The final product may differ slightly from the current photos.

Dynasty's brand new Ultralight Pro MMA Headgear for Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA (striking, grappling, wrestling) sparring use.

Sparring with bulky headgear increases the chance of impact and concussions - the Dynasty Ultralight Pro MMA Headgear is designed to be as light and unobtrusive as possible, encouraging maximum mobility and awareness for the user.

Specifically designed to help protect the user from unwanted impact to the orbital bone, eyes, and nose, and prevents cuts and skin abrasions during sparring - without the cumbersome weight and bulkiness of regular headgear.

Using a brand new custom slim-cut design with smaller cheeks, ultralight weight construction, genuine cowhide leather, and inner suede leather lining to wick moisture / sweat and provide maximum comfort during training and sparring.

This headgear is a must-have for competitive combat sports athletes and professional fighters alike looking to provide protection and longevity to their athletic careers. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, obtrusive, cumbersome headgear that makes your head a huge and easy target to hit.

* Slim construction with small cheeks - specifically designed for MMA striking / training
* Lightweight - promotes head movement / avoiding damage
* Non-obtrusive viewing angle for increased situational awareness
* Prevents cuts, head butts, and abrasions
* Genuine cowhide leather in White
* Logos, trim, stitching, and details in Red
* Drawstring tie with adjustable head velcro strap
* Hook & loop chinstrap provides a conforming, comfortable fit