The Hornet Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi

$95.00 $125.00

The Hornet 黃金峰俠 Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi captures the old school cool of cult classic American martial arts films like The Last Dragon and the spirit of Kung Fu hip hop supergroup The Wu-Tang Clan.

Sleek minimalistic design and colours with stripes of yellow down the shoulders and sides. Some may call it the Killa Bee or the reverse Game of Death!

* Black with Yellow contrast stitching / embroidery / details
* Comes with drawstring bag

* 350gsm lightweight Pearl Weave fabric jacket
* Contrast colour collar
* Rubber foam collar
* Tailored cut & fit
* Yellow stripe inner taping

* 10oz rip stop cotton pants
* Heavy duty rope tie w/ 6x loop holes
* Reinforced stitch crotch
* Tailored cut & fit
* Yellow stripe inner taping

Please check our FAQs, size chart, and care instructions before purchasing. Model is 5'10 165lbs. wearing size A2.