How many of these folks have you run into in the online martial arts community?

People You Meet In Online Martial Arts Communities

Watch this parody video clip of Jet Li's fight scene with Kung Fu challengers in the movie Fearless A.K.A. Huo Yuan Jia.

Online martial arts communities can be a scary place, where everyone has 30+ years of experience, a 300-0 unblemished fight record, has killed “multiple people” in a street encounter, who knows “secret, deadly techniques” because they are a “closed door” disciple of a famous master, and can deal with multiple attackers with just a pinky finger, or sometimes, all of the above.

While meeting and having discussions with a seasoned fight / competition veteran or a serious hobbyist can result in a great time, you'll likely run into the "Usual Suspects" instead, which usually are a bunch of trouble-making, sh*t-stirring wannabes.

In all seriousness, let’s talk less, and train more.

- Dynasty Team

December 14, 2021 — Dynasty Team

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