God of War Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi


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God of War (Guan Yu) Hanfu Kimono BJJ Gi.

Guan Yu 關羽 / Yunchang 關雲長 was a famous general and military strategist during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history (220 - 280 AD) and was known as the Chinese God of War.

As one of the best-known Chinese historical figures throughout East Asia, Guan is respected by both the law and the underworld as the epitome of loyalty and righteousness.

The God of War design beautifully features the mountain pattern armour (山文鎧) invented during the Tang dynasty. This type of armor is made from a multitude of small pieces of iron or steel shaped like the Chinese character for the word "mountain" (山).

A truly one-of-a-kind release only from Dynasty.

* White with Jade Green & Red contrast stitching / embroidery / details
* Comes with drawstring bag

* 350gsm lightweight Pearl Weave fabric jacket
* Inner cool mesh lining with sublimated artwork
* Rubber foam collar with "Mountain Pattern" trim
* Tailored cut & fit
* Dynasty "Mountain Pattern" inner taping

* 10oz rip-stop cotton pants
* Heavy duty rope tie w/ 4x "Mountain Pattern" loopholes
* Reinforced stitch crotch
* Tailored cut & fit
* Dynasty "Mountain Pattern" inner taping

* Dynasty shoulder / back logo
* Guan Yu 關羽 / Yunchang 關雲長 artwork
* Guan Yu 關雲長 Signature on chest
* Guan Dao Blade 偃月刀 on the jacket
* Guan Yu Chinese Opera Mask back emblem
* Righteousness 義

Please check our FAQs, size chart, and care instructions before purchasing. Model is 5'8 150lbs. wearing size A2.