Dynasty Diamond Pro Old School Boxing Bag Gloves


Introducing the all-new Dynasty Diamond Pro Old School Boxing Bag Gloves, designed for the serious combat sports athlete and professional fighter.

Dynasty Diamond Pro Old School Boxing Bag Gloves bring back the retro, hardcore, old-fashioned boxing bag gloves used in classical boxing training.

These bag gloves provide protection for your hands and wrist bones, while simultaneously being thin enough for hand / fist conditioning during heavy bag work, and allow accurate punching training for focus mitts and punch paddle training.

Featuring our new "Diamond" Stitched Design - a brand-new glove design with diagonal lines and triangles. Structurally, triangles are the most robust geometrical shape. This idea is supported by scientific research and real uses of triangles in construction and design. Triangles are the most rigid shape because forces on a triangle are distributed evenly along its three sides.

The "Diamond" Stitched Design absorbs and distributes energy across all surface areas upon impact and provides the most structural support for your hands and wrists. Many of the tallest skyscrapers in the world and bridges use the triangle shape in their structures.

This classical training glove will be a part of your collection for generations to come.

Design Features:
* New "Diamond" Stitch Design for better wrist protection and impact absorption

* Genuine cowhide leather in Red with details in Gold
* Open thumb design for precise bag, mitt, and pad work
* 100% genuine cowhide leather construction
* Convenient velcro hook and loop strap closure
* Full 3D embossed logos

* One Size Fits All (10oz)