Dynasty Diamond Pro Training Gloves (White / Gold)


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This item is currently available for pre-order with an estimated shipping time of early December 2022, before the Holiday Season.

The final product may differ slightly from the current photos.

Introducing the all-new Dynasty Diamond Pro Training Gloves, designed for the serious combat sports athlete and professional fighter.

Featuring our new "Diamond" Stitched Design - we designed this glove with diagonal lines and triangles as they are scientifically proven to absorb and distribute energy across all surface areas upon impact and provide the most structural support for your hands and wrists. Many of the tallest skyscrapers in the world as well as bridges use the triangle shape in their structures.

The brand new "Y-X" Cross Strap velcro design firmly but comfortably secures your wrists and hands inside the gloves during training, pad work, mitt work, and bag work, allowing them to be used even without hand wraps.

Made with top-quality genuine cowhide leather, these heavy-duty gloves are built for intense training sessions and heavy bag work, to develop the snap and knockout power any fighter, mixed martial artist, or boxer seeks to deliver in their next match.

Note: These gloves are designed to be used for heavy bag work, mitt work, pad work, drills, and technical (light) sparring. Please be advised that due to the unique stitching of the glove, we do not recommend full-contact sparring in these gloves.

* New "Diamond" Stitched Design
* Y-X Cross Strap Velcro Design
* Genuine cowhide leather in White with details in Gold
* Full 3D embossed logos
* Neoprene inner lining