Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar
Philip Ng 伍允龍 in our Kung Fu Master Rash Guard!

Dynasty worn by Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar Philip Ng in our Kung Fu Master Rash Guard

Dynasty is a featured brand in MMA Federation mobile video game for iOS / Android!

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Interesting fact: 2x UFC Champion BJ Penn and Punk Ass of TapouT
both follow Dynasty on Instagram and Twitter!

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Raging Demon Gi Ryu Reviews
"Dynasty is a great brand that brings real original Chinese and Asian culture to the MMA and BJJ market. They have great products that pay homage to icons like Bruce Lee, Gundam, Saint Seiya and Street Fighter.

With a refined design taste and a lot of good embroidery work the Dynasty Raging Demon is a good and unique Akuma inspired gi. I loved the design and the attention to details. Make sure you check this brand out specially this gi model. I recommend it."

Hear just what some of our customers had to say about us:

"Bad ass. I really love your stuff, it stands out in this sea of uninspired look-alike garbage out there, plus no one is honoring Chinese history the way you guys are. Very cool."
Chris O. of Datsusara
"The Coral Dragon is the one rash guard I have so far. It's of fantastic quality with sublimated graphics. It's one of my favorite training pieces!"
Terry N.

"I think your products are great and the fact that they're inspired by your own culture gives it a nice edge. Keep up the good work as I look forward to your new designs. I love the t-shirts as I have a few."
Aidan C.

"I love The Nirvana hoodie. Silk-lining is comfortable as can be and the artwork itself is a real head-turner when on the go. Lots of people ask me where I picked it up and I'm damn proud to say Dynasty Clothing, every single time!"
Spencer C.