Dynasty Protective Honeycomb Impact Knee / Elbow Pad Sleeve


Size Guide

Dynasty Protective Honeycomb Impact Knee / Elbow Pad Sleeve for Striking, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and Wrestling provides extra padded comfort for your elbows or knees during your most intense training sessions.

  • Reduces discomfort and pain in knees / elbows caused by impact, throws, and attacks while training.
  • Helps protect your joints from injury so you can train harder and for longer.
  • Provides support to weak joints and ligaments allowing for faster recovery after injury or as an injury prevention measure.
  • Hygienic and washable.

Protect Your Joints From Impact

Shooting for takedowns or practicing throws? Injuries are very common when practicing high-impact sports or combat sports. Every athlete can benefit from compression-style knee / elbow pads that support their joints from impact during training, explosive drills, and sparring.

Prevent Injuries Before They Happen

Prevent and minimize injuries to your joints and extend your athletic career on the court or on the mats. Stay on the mats for longer, progress in your sport faster, and avoid inactivity off the mats.

Using a protective impact knee / elbow pad that keeps your joints protected will help provide support to your ligaments so you can focus on performing while lifting, training, drilling, and rolling without fear of bumps and bruises.

Be A Better Training Partner

Throwing knees or elbows? Or how about just being nice to your training partners by covering your pointy elbows and knees during training? You can be a better training partner just by using Dynasty Protective Honeycomb Impact Knee / Elbow Pad Sleeves.

  • Sold as one (1) piece. Please select two (2) pieces to purchase as a pair.
  • Sizing:
    • M = 135 - 155lbs. / 60-70 KG.
    • L = 155 - 175lbs. / 70-80 KG.
    • XL = 175 - 200lbs. / 80-90 KG.