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Japanese Samurai Katana Golden Tachi Sword (Handmade, Full Sharpness, High Carbon Steel)


Weapons & Collectibles

  • Sword Type: Japanese Samurai Katana Tachi Sword
  • BLADE: 1060 carbon steel, full tang, full sharpness (battle ready) - the blade of this sword is hand forged and polished with 10 procedures.The steel we use is not the normal steel with truck or cars or other life electrics, the steel use for the blade contents much more carbon and the purity can not be comparable.
  • TSUKA - the Tsuka (handle) is made of hard wood (wider on the 2 ends and thinner in the middle of the handle), tightly wrapped over ribbon with imitation leather ito. The Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (buttcap) are made of Alloy. The Tang of the sword is secured by two Mekugi (pegs). Two Menuki (ornaments) are on each side of the Tsuka. Made of synthetic leather ito, real rayskin, alloy fittings.
  • TSUBA - the tsuba is used to protect your hand from sliding onto the blade during thrusts. Made of high quality alloy tsuba.
  • HABAKI (blade collar) is a one piece brass construction. the main point of the habaki is to make the saya tight to the blade, so it is normal if there is a scratch on.
  • SEPPAS (spacer) Two Seppas secure the Tsuba (if the tsuba is not so tight after a long time, you can disassemble the sword and put more seppas there).
  • SAYA: The saya (sheath) of the sword is made of hardwood, tied with Sageo brass Kurigaga (knob) of the scabbard.
  • Origin: Fully handmade in Longquan, Zhejiang, China - historically famous for its swords and craftsmanship since ancient times.

Package Includes:

  • Assembled sword with saya (the sword stand is not included).
  • A sword bag is included as a free gift (color randomly chosen, may differ from photo).
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