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Mongolian Bökh Bokh Wrestling Genuine Jacket (From Inner Mongolia)


Limited Edition / Rare - Item is not refundable.

Originated in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia - the Mongolian folk style of wrestling ("Bökh" / Bokh - meaning "durability") is practiced in parts of Asia and Eurasia.

As we documented on our blog, wrestling is the most important of the "Three Manly Skills" that also include horsemanship and archery. It is engrained in the history and culture of the Mongolian people and practiced as part of their tradition since childhood.

Genghis Khan (Temujin) himself considered wrestling to be an important way to keep his army in good physical shape and combat ready - allowing him to rule most of the known world at one point with his nomadic army that terrorized both the East and the West.

Due to popular fan demand - we're offering hardcore wrestling / Shuai Jiao fans a rare chance to get their hands on a limited edition, special ordered, authentic Mongolian Bökh Wrestling Genuine Jacket Vest straight from Inner Mongolia, China.

Practice your wrestling and throwing skills by hardening your fingers and hands on a piece of authentic Mongolian martial arts history!


  • True weight of 6lbs.+
  • Made from PU leather and rounded studs.
  • Vest is fastened by a leather belt.


  • Limited Edition - item is not refundable.
  • This is a special ordered item, shipped from Inner Mongolia, China. Shipping times may vary per destination.
  • Item is based on limited availability. Your order may be cancelled and refunded if we fail to secure a vest for you.

Model is wearing a size XL. XL fits a person between 155lbs. - 170lbs. XXL fits a person between 170lbs. - 200lbs.

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