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Renaissance (PRIDE) MMA Gloves


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Dynasty's Limited Edition Renaissance 文藝復興 MMA glove brings back the greatest mixed martial arts glove ever designed -- the Japanese PRIDE Fighting Championships / DREAM / RIZIN glove, updated for the modern era. Staying with the tried and true, old school style and comfort of the classic Japanese MMA glove, we only made minor tweaks to improve the functionality and look of the glove.

Why choose the PRIDE / DREAM / RIZIN style MMA glove over today's commonly seen UFC style design? The UFC style glove that is commonplace in today's market cuts into the user's fingers during mitt and pad work, and feels unnatural as it prevents the user from closing their fist.

The PRIDE / DREAM / RIZIN style glove has an elongated finger design that protects the knuckles from scraping when striking, allows a natural grip and closing of the fist, and the open palm design doesn't handicap you from grappling and locking in submissions.

The perfect MMA glove, redesigned and reborn by Dynasty. A true collector's dream item.

* 4oz weight
* 100% genuine leather construction
* Classic PRIDE / DREAM / RIZIN style finger flap design protects the fingers while striking
* Open palm design for better grappling control
* Extra stiff foam padding for long lasting impact protection and durability
* Drawstrings replaced with convenient velcro
* Neoprene thumb with stitched closure
* Dynasty "Renaissance Wave" pattern wrist strap

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