The Enforcer Chinese Triad Grappling Spats

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The Enforcer, known as the 紅棍 "Red Pole" in 黑社會 Chinese Triad society, is the military commander and simultaneously the fiercest and most feared fighter of the gang organization.

Partly inspired by Wei Shen (voiced by Will Yun Lee 이상욱) from the hit video game Sleeping Dogs, Yoshihiro "Sexyama" Akiyama 秋山 成勲 / Choo Sung-hoon 추성훈 and his gold colored fight attire, and Hong Kong gang culture; this brand new design from Dynasty is yet another unmistakable addition to your collection.

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Note: If you're bold enough to go GOLD, remember to wear a pair of shorts over your bottoms!

* Gold on Black / Black on Gold
* Poly / spandex blend for comfort and performance
* Sublimated art will never fade
* Twin dragons tattoo art
* 攻無不克 "Unbeatable"
* 橫掃千軍 "Obliterate All Opposition"