Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (Premium)


Size Guide

*Limited Edition. Custom, Made-To-Order Item. Please read the description carefully. All orders are final. No refunds.*

This is our premium version of the Wooden Dummy, using Hard Maple that is 1,450 on the Janka Hardness Scale.

Shipping is an extra cost. Please contact us for a quote.

Dynasty's very own custom, made-to-order 詠春 木人樁 Ip Man Wing Chun / Wing Tsun / Ving Tsun Kung Fu Wooden Dummies.

All our Wooden Dummies are proudly Hand Made in Canada, by experienced Wing Chun practitioners that understand the needs of a well constructed Wooden Dummy.

Wooden Dummies (Mook Jong / Muk Yan Jong) are perfect for solo training when you don't have a training partner available.

Using Ip Man's original Wooden Dummy measurements, Dynasty hand makes each Wooden Dummy to your customizations.

A Wooden Dummy is an investment that will last a lifetime. Go with a high-quality custom-made Wooden Dummy to complement your living space and be your training partner, for life.

What You Get:

  • Each Wooden Dummy is handmade by our professional in-house craftsman with over 35 years of woodworking experience.
  • We only use the finest hardwood timbers sourced locally right here in Canada, guaranteeing longevity and quality.
  • Wooden Dummy comes with its own freestanding base.

What We DO NOT Do:

  • We DO NOT import and then ship these Wooden Dummies. Our Wooden Dummies are made from scratch and shipped directly from Dynasty Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • If you buy other Wooden Dummies online on other websites such as Amazon, they are most likely imported dummies from other places that may be inferior in quality, and their grade of wood cannot be verified.
  • Other manufacturers' dummies may use mixed wood types or plywood that is glued together - beware when they say "highest quality wood" but cannot tell you exactly what wood they are using!
  • We use Hard Maple as the base model wood for our Premium wooden dummy - watch out for other manufacturers who use unverified woods which are not hard enough to withstand training / heavy use and will chip away / crack within the first year.
  • We don't mass produce these dummies with machines - each one is uniquely hand-made, hand-sanded, and hand-polished for a distinct look that guarantees each dummy to have its own characteristics and imperfections.

    Customizable Options:

    • Choose your height size:
      • 5 ft. 6 in. or less - 1.67 m - Arm Height: 49-52 in.
      • 5 ft. 7 in. to 5ft. 11in. - 1.7 m to 1.8 m - Arm Height: 52-55 in. (+$50)
      • 6 foot or more - 1.82m+ - Arm Height: 54-57 in. (+$100)
    • Choose your hardwood type:
      • Pictured here is Maple which is our base price model.
      • Ask about our wood options:
        • Popular domestic choices include: Ash, Maple, Hickory, Oak, Walnut
        • Exotic woods such as Mahogany, Paduak, Bocote, Teak, Ebony, Osage, Purpleheart, Wenge, Zebrawood are much more expensive. Please contact us for a quote.
    • Choose your stain finish:
      • None (leave as is)
      • Regular / Natural, White / Ash, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black (+$100)
    • Choose your varnish or oil finish:
      • None
      • Yes (+$100)
    • Arms:
      • Traditional (Rounded)
      • Modern (Thicker and true to anatomy, mimics the opponents of today - pictured here are our thicker, modern arms)
      • Choose arm position as top left / bottom right or bottom left / top right
    • Body:
      • Traditional Body
      • Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do (JKD) style neck (+$200)
    • Rope Wrap:
      • None
      • Add Wrap - 2 Sections (+$200)
      • Add Wrap - 3 Sections (+$300)


    • You pay for the base price of the Wooden Dummy first. The final cost of the dummy depends on the options chosen.
    • The shipping cost deposit is paid first. Final shipping costs are calculated when the Wooden Dummy is finished and ready to be shipped.
    • The price will be communicated and reflected upon the final billing adjustment.
    • A local pickup option is available.

    How To Order:

    • Made on-demand only.
    • Made only during Spring, Summer, Fall months.
    • Lead times are typically 4-8 weeks but may take longer due to demand.
    • Once your order is placed, we start working on your Wooden Dummy.
    • Lifetime Quality Guarantee: If your Wooden Dummy is cracked and you can fit a $1 coin within the crack, we will replace it for you (shipping is extra).
    • No refunds are allowed once the order is placed.

    Questions? Contact us for an exact quote.