Hoi Wah Ho of Dynasty details his experiences with Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu) and shares why he loves Kung Fu, but hates Kung Fu at the very same time.

He rants about the aspects of Kung Fu styles, folklore, historical legends, and Kung Fu movie culture that he loves and should be preserved, celebrated, and passed down worldwide.

But he also goes on to express his hate for the Kung Fu people, geeks, freaks, the martial arts "gate keepers" who are incessantly negative and talk down on others, and the Kung Fu cult community that prop up fake teachers and fake techniques and are generally so full of fake crap and garbage that these people effectively ruin Kung Fu and Chinese Martial Arts for the rest of the world to enjoy.


This is part of our Real Talk series. What should we have a "real talk" about next? Comment below.

- Dynasty Team

June 04, 2021 — Dynasty Team

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