Dynasty Brand Story About Us


DYNASTY is an authentic martial arts lifestyle and street fashion brand with East Asian roots, celebrating the culture of martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

We didn't want to be just another company offering the same old products with another meaningless logo slapped on top of it - therefore we set out to create a real brand that offered the most unique products possible. Run of the mill designs, random kanji characters, and offensive Rising Sun motifs? Sorry, but you won't find that here.

Dynasty - About Us

As one of the only authentic Asian clothing brands in the world - we truly feel that it is our obligation and responsibility to represent to the fullest - and bring authentic designs to the martial arts world.

That was, is, and will forever continue to be our brand mission.

DYNASTY is for people with dreams and ambitions. We represent the hardcore martial artist - the ones who possess the unstoppable drive to achieve greatness and create their own DYNASTY.

We are happy and grateful to share our world with you.




Dynasty Logo


DYNASTY 專注於將亞洲文化元素融入綜合格鬥戰衣(MMA)和街頭時尚設計。我們的靈感主要源自中國五千年悠久歷史和全球華人的傳統文化、精神。

DYNASTY 專為有夢想和抱負的人而設計。我們希望每一位身著DYNASTY的武術家能夠自豪地奮鬥和訓練,來實現夢想,創建自己的王朝。

最初,我們覺得市場上大部份的綜合格鬥戰衣的設計都很無趣。更糟糕的是,有些根本不懂中國歷史文化的牌子刻意在設計中加入中國元素,而我們覺得這種蹩腳的模仿可笑又可惡。 於是我們決定創建一個自己的品牌。我們不想像其他品牌那樣,設計既老套又毫無意義。我們想要全世界知道,亞洲的歷史文化絕對不是幾個隨機漢字和日本軍旗可以代表的。 我們設計的每一件產品既要是一件充滿靈感的藝術品,又要結合最先進的體育用品製造科技。

在2010年,DYNASTY 由此誕生。